Mont Albert


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Mont Albert

The Mont Albert Californian Bungalow style home was built in the early to mid 1900’s. A typical single weatherboard home with endless amounts of character and limited space for a modern living.

This project involved an all over master renovation and extension. The project included three bedrooms, a large bathroom with separate toilet and a TV area upstairs. Downstairs new big free flowing living spaces were created and brought together with clever design, select materials and well planned landscaping.

The entire back of the house was opened up to expose and invite light and space. A modern kitchen, large dining area, undercover outdoors alfresco and study nook were founded on a split-level to accommodate the slope of the backyard. An identically matched carport was also added to ensure the home maintained it’s authentic, classical and dateless aura.

Master Elements

Roof Tiles
Perfectly matched new terracotta tiles with the existing tiles
Identically matched custom made posts and trimming to tie in exactly with the detail of the home
Recycled old press red bricks sourced inline with the age of the home
Sampled, template, custom cut to matched existing boards
Window architraves were all identically matched and prefabricated to match the existing windows
Custom made strapping to tie
Bi-fold doors
Custom made with colonial bars to match the period detail of the existing doors and windows
Modern and period style cabinetry blended to give balance
Plaster Cornices
Chosen and custom prefabricated to suit the style of the home
Template and custom prefabricated to match existing architraves