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This prime position early 1900’s Portsea seaside property was left to rundown. Our brief was to masterfully restore and renovate this residence. Everything was done to breath new life into this property including adding a matching outbuilding and garage.

A new roof, tailored landscaping and custom moulded bricks were made by hand to recreate in detail the additional outbuilding, to a level where it looked identical to the existing structure. A mould was made and we poured all of our own matching bricks because you could not purchase them anymore. This level of care and detail ensured you could not tell that the new outbuilding was actually brand new which protected the timelessness of the property.

Many other materials simply didn’t exist for this home. More elements such as replicating the exact roof and pitch of the outbuilding were hand made for authenticity. A full internal restoration elegantly finished, external floorboards and a beautifully hung counter lever balcony elevated this property to a new level aesthetically and financially.

Master Elements

Replicated and improved colour palette. Pitch of the new outbuild matched identically to the existing
Matched and custom built by hand to match the existing
Gable detail
Matched and custom built
4 moulds cast, to custom make by hand, 4 types of brick, to identically match the brickwork in the new building to the old so it looked like the building had always been there
Sampled and colour matched the render on the existing property
Prefabricated and identically matched to the existing edging
Pine lining, strapping and ovola mouldings
Internal Doors
Measured, template, handmade to match existing doors
Template and custom prefabricated to match existing architraves
Sampled, matched and custom prefabricated by hand