Surrey Hills


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Surrey Hills

This period cottage was built around 1880. Being over 100 years old meant that this elegant property had extensive period detailing typical of its era. The client loved the period detail but needed to extend the home to suit their growing family needs.

We recreated the same level of detail from day one of its existence, whilst blending in additional living spaces, to adapt to a more modern lifestyle and to increase the value of the home. Custom made kitchens and bathrooms complimented the seamless exterior and injected space without compromising the period elegance of the home.

Most construction elements were unique and no longer in existence so many custom materials were recreated by hand. The result is a single story master extension that looks over 100 years old.

Master Elements

Roof Tiles
Existing tiles matched identically with recycled old slate tiles
Custom handmade recreation of existing 1800’s corbels
Fret Work
Custom handmade recreation of existing 1800’s fret work
Custom hand carved to match existing 1800’s posts
Post Bases
Bricked and rough cast rendered to match existing posts
Measured, template, hand made to match existing windows
(int & ext) measured, template, hand made to match existing doors
Plaster Cornices
Template and custom prefabricated to match exiting cornices
Measured, template, hand made to match existing mouldings
Sampled, template, custom cut to matched existing boards