Master Construction

MDB Master construction focuses on 3 key elements:

We start by redesigning your home from inside, to suit your specific family needs and lifestyle, for today and in the future. Respecting the established, external characteristics of the home, we capture, restore and recreate your period home in detail from the outside.

We can then proceed to recreate all detailed elements used in the original construction. This often requires making period features individually, by hand, from scratch. This level of craftsmanship gives the home authenticity. It is the only way to preserve the property’s original timeless character, which is essential to property appreciation.

Finally this is the finished quality and intricate detail of the work. It’s taking the craftsmanship to the next level by blending both the old and new elements of construction and making them look like they have both been there from day one. This degree of craftsmanship is an art form and can only be performed by experienced master trades.

Get these 3 key essential elements right and your property will become a timeless masterpiece that will never date. This is the safest and smartest way to protect the long-term appreciation of your most valuable asset.