Why Extend Or Renovate

A home is the place built from memories. It’s a place where you have friends and you know your neighbourhood. Many people underestimate the hassle of moving and associated costs – such as selling fees and stamp duty – and unless they’re building a new home, they often still need to spend thousands to get exactly what they want. A well-designed, well-built home extension or renovation means you can remodel your lifestyle yet stay in a place you’ve grown to love. It will increase the value of your existing property and often you won’t even need to move out during the construction.

At Master Design Builders we guide our customers through the process of re-modelling quickly and seamlessly from start to finish. In fact, we do all the hard work for you – from designs to plans, council submissions to building work and final clean up of your site, we take total responsibility for the management of your home project. We offer you an extraordinary service without the frustrating delays and interruptions that often go hand-in-hand with the building process. Every stage is project managed so the process runs smoothly to the very last, meticulous detail. Our principal oversees your project, continuously communicating with you about what’s happening and soliciting your feedback to meet your every need as we progress.

Living Environment
Home renovation and extension projects require trades to be on-site for months at a time. Our people are not only highly skilled but courteous and pride themselves on respecting your time and your environment. We listen to what areas of the home you need to access. We protect and keep clean gardens and walkways understanding exactly how you need to live. Everything is kept spotless and safe at all times and we make sure you can see the progress of our work at all times. Keeping you informed and respecting your living environment is part of who we are.

Custom Design
No matter how complex or straightforward the project is, we can build it. Our superior ability to ‘problem solve’ during the creation of architectural designs means we can preserve the character of your traditional home or facade while extending and shaping your interior to better suit your contemporary lifestyle. We take the utmost care to ensure your project meets your expectations and our own exacting standards. Our overwhelming aim is to transform your existing home to suit the way you wish to live.

The result is not just a practical and beautiful renovation or extension, but most often, a friendship. We can honestly say that we’ve never had an unhappy client. What we do have is a massive folder full of letters telling us how much our clients are enjoying their new environment, and large groups of friends who have referred us to one another.

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