Glen Iris


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Glen Iris

The Glen Iris property was a typical old cream brick home built in the mid 1900’s. The owners did not want to build a new house that looked small and had no soul. They believed that the existing interior layout worked and would remain. The brief was to completely alter the house’s exterior from its original 1950’s brick veneer form into a contemporary classical style property with a timeless feel.

Everything from select period brickwork, custom front portico, pillars with recessed footings all contributed to this transformed, classical façade and give it undeniable authenticity. Casement windows provided airflow and a stately, contemporary feel whilst cream carpet and plastering, and white marble with brown patterning were used in the informal living area to give it detail and a sense of grandeur. Natural rendering and French doors that open up to the patio at the back of the property provided a flow on effect from the front pillars, gates and matching driveway.

Master Elements

Vaulted cathedral in the new back living area
Cathedral ceilings with highlighted celestial windows
Daniel Robinson 50mm Hawthorn black bricks
Custom made with matching pitch
Paraforts Garden
Black ebony tiling on driveway and paths
Custom recessed for depth and definition (lots of detail)
Roof Tiles
Perfectly matched with the old terracotta
Internal Doors
Measured, template, handmade to match existing doors
Sampled, matched and custom prefabricated by cutters