South Yarra 1


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South Yarra 1

The South Yarra French Provincial / Classical designed home was constructed sometime around the early 1900’s. The old photos of this property reveal limited living space, a large block and an old renovation from the 70’s, which had to be removed (the hot, low, leaning ceiling space pictured at the rear).

The client required a new kitchen, meals area, large family living space and a new laundry. This required the removal of the old renovation at the rear and the addition of a new living space the rear that utilized the surplus backyard space.

Seamless colours, custom master elements and clever use of the backyard allowed new living spaces to effortlessly blend and connect with the greenery of the outdoors, pool area and original existing structure of the home.

Master Elements

New older looking boards throughout to relate to property age
Reconstructed bell roof design to match the original property
Concealed and raised over entire living area to create space
Recycled old press red bricks used to capture the footing detail of the existing building
Sampled and colour matched the render on the existing property
All the vents under the eaves were matched to the existing building
Window Sills
Prefabricated the entire concreted window sills, identically matched to the sills on the second story of the existing building
Roof Tiles
Perfectly matched the ground floor tiles with the old terracotta
Customized eave sheets, strapping and ovola mouldings
Bi-fold doors
Custom made with colonial bars to match the period detail of the existing doors and windows
Project managed, placed, edged and stone tied in with the other elements of the home